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how i started building better habits.

TLDR: Using an agenda to track daily goals with a colour coded system helped me build better habits for 2 reasons. First I started experiencing a daily dopamine release logging my accomplishments which motivated me to do the things. Second I can easily reflect on how I've been using my time and adjust accordingly.

I am a visual learner seeing things mapped out helps me keep organized. I also find great satisfaction in physically crossing something off of a to-do list.

(Iykyk 😅)

While I use a project management platform to organize my business I still find taking time away from devices to keep track of personal tasks and daily routines necessary.

It was when I visually started tracking my daily goals such as reading, working out, stretching or dedicated time working toward a larger goal, using a colour coded system that I finally stayed consistent.

You may be saying to yourself "Taylor this has nothing to do with marketing." No. However I know that when I am doing these 4 things on a daily basis I show up better for myself and my clients.

Why does this work for me?

✅I know the dopamine release that comes logging my accomplishments. Knowing I'm doing something good for me and my business

✅It is easy to reflect on how I've been using my time then be critical of where I am choosing to put my energy. Am I mindlessly scrolling? Caught up on tasks irrelevant to my larger goals? Or is there something emotionally distracting my mind I should put time into? Once reflected upon what steps are needed to get back on track become clear.

Will this work for everyone? No of course not.🚫

Finding what helps you maintain consistency will take some trial and error.

Even if it does work for you not every week will be "perfect" give yourself grace.

Lets help each other out by sharing how you build habits in the comments. ⬇️


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